Best Vitamin D Supplements UK 2022 Review 

You are not getting enough vitamin D if you are living in the UK.  Your body makes this vitamin when exposed to sunlight (and can get it from some foods), but sometimes you still might not get enough. That’s when a supplement can help you reap the benefits of sunshine.

Millions of people in the UK  have low levels of vitamin D, meaning they don’t have a full deficiency, but they’re definitely not getting enough of it. Thankfully, you can take a supplement when you don’t get enough sun exposure. We’ve made it simple for you by narrowing down the best brands.

Many experts believe that we need as much as 30mcg a day in total. Given that sunlight makes vitamin D, and a lack of sunlight is linked to feeling low and cause other health problem. That is why getting enough vitamin D is important for optimal health. You can achieve this by taking the supplement.

We have reviewed top brands selling in Amazon and ranked them considering the potency and purity, checked third-party certification, option for capsules and tablets, dose and of course what the customer says.

Best Vitamin D Supplements to buy in the UK

Vitamin D in Cholecalciferol Form Known as D3 (Most Recommended)

  • Nutravita: 4,000 IU, 400 soft gel capsules and 13 months supply.
  • Nu U Nutrition: 4,000 IU, 365 soft get capsules for full-year supply.
  • Vita Premium: 4,000 IU, 365 soft get capsules for 1 year.
  • Incite Nutrition: 4,000 IU, 400 easy to swallow tiny tablets and 12+ months, suitable for vegetarians

Vitamin D in Ergocalciferol Form Known as D2 (for Vegeretians)




best vitamin d supplement uk

Best Vitamin D Supplements in the UK 2022 Quality Ranking

vitamin D3






Nutravita Vitamin D Supplements 4000 IU Review



This Nutrivita vitamin D 4,000 IU is an excellent product that is budget-friendly, GMO-free as well as free from allergens such as gluten, wheat, lactose, nuts and nut traces. This is a well-recognised and trusted brand by many customers across the world established in the UK in 2014. An extra supplement to help boost your mood during the darker days and nights. The soft gel capsule itself is about the size of a garden pea so its very easy to swallow compared to other brands in the market.


The reason you should buy this product because it is a high-strength dose and more than a year supply. So far, all that we can say regarding the efficacy is that you will not have any adverse reactions to this product. The packaging is classy and appears to be of high quality. If you are searching for a trusted brand but had no idea what to really look for then go for it. If you have been diagnosed and found that you got the D deficiency and really suffering from fatigue, insomnia, lower mood and poor body’s defences system, try this supplement for over a month and you will really start to see the difference.


  • It will help to boost your mood and immune system during the darker days and nights.
  • It’s easy to swallow soft get capsules, about the size of a garden pea.
  • A positive review in Amazon and Trustpilot.
  • Reasonably priced product and the company offers fantastic service and value for money.
  • High-strength dose but no adverse reactions, and you will feel great.
  • Very effective for hypothyroidism and you will feel the boost in your body and have better sleep.
  • No funky taste nor smell.
  • Customer reported that they got improved mood and energy as well as strong nails and improved skin texture after taking it in less than a week.

Nu U Nutrition Vitamin Supplements D 4000 IU Review

Nu U Nutrition

To promote vitality and well being, an ultra-strength supplement from Nu U Nutrition 4,000 IU is the UK made products for your peace of mind. Their soft gels capsules are GMO-free as well as free of gluten, nuts, fish, lactose, soya, wheat and dairy. Easy to take and one year’s supply which is great value for money.


Take this on a daily basis especially in the winter months when sunshine is at a premium to keep your immune system strong and healthy bones. Taking this will help a lift in my mood, good sleep and energy levels in addition to being gentle on the stomach. We highly recommend because the capsules are high strength, small and easy to take and tasteless so they tick all the boxes!


  • It promotes vitality and well being In addition to being gentle on the stomach, no constipation.
  • The soft gel capsules are small, easy to take and high strength but no side effects at all.
  • Very effective for fatigue, bone health and arthritis when taken along with vitamin K2 supplements.
  • It is 4000 IU and strong enough to boost your immunity and prevent infections.
  • Customer reported that it improved their mood, wellbeing,  energy and overall bone health by greatly improving the absorption of calcium into the bodies.
  • It will also improve your muscle health and weight management as well as prevent autoimmune diseases and viruses.
  • Reasonably priced and made here in the UK.
  • It is a one year supply, so great value of your money.

Vita Premium Vitamin D 4,000 IU Review

Vita Premium

Optimize your vitamin D levels by taking this brand Vita Premium, who care about how their supplements are made and what’s in them. This Vitamin D 4,000 IU is manufactured with zero artificial ingredients, right here in the UK. Manufactured to GMP standards, non-GMO, Gluten-free as we as no dairy, soya, fish, eggs, peanuts, nuts, fillers and binders.  The gel capsules are small and easy to take.


Also, a great product for the price and a year’s supply compared to a similar brand on the market. Some customer found it great for bones and immune system especially respiratory infections. We are sure they will help to keep your vitamin D levels stable over time and you will feel less tired, more energised and less suffering from cold and flu. For this reason, we also highly recommend this.


  • Excellent supplement and one customer reported that it was a miracle cure for depression. Felt significantly better after just taking only a week.
  • Customer also found it useful for deep sleeping quality, more energetic in the morning and more energy thru the day.
  • High strength British brand and we highly recommend it for everybody especially in the winter, or in case of if you hardly get any sun.
  • It will support your immune system and bone health during the current covid crisis.
  • Small capsules are really easy to swallow.
  • Excellent value for money, being a years supply.

Incite Nutrition Vitamin D Supplements 4,000 IU Review

Incite Nutrition


If you are vegetarian and looking for vitamin D3 then this is the right choice. Made in the UK by Incite Nutrition 4,000 IU, incredibly tiny 6mm micro 400 tablets easy to take and digest without the feeling of them being stuck in your throat and don’t carry any unpleasant taste. Its one of the unique brand being less than half the size of other brands. Manufactured with premium ingredients to the highest of standards and Non-GMO as well as free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.


If your body’s defence system is a bit weaker, start taking them daily to get a strong natural defences system to avoid flu or cold symptoms as well as to help with your muscle and joints. Highly recommended for vegans looking for D3.


  • These are tablets and really small and easy to swallow. The tablets have a tiny line in the middle so that you can nicely cut them in half if you think the dose of 4000 IU is high for you.
  • If you feel constantly tired from the training and weaker immune system, we recommend you to take it. You will feel much stronger and back on track. Good for boosting muscle and joint health.
  • Customer reported that since taking these tablets, they experienced a reduction in muscle soreness, no flu or cold symptoms, increased energy levels and getting out of bed at the first alarm.
  • The tablets don’t carry any unpleasant taste.
  • UK made products and suitable for vegererians.



Recommended Vitamin D2 Supplement 

How to Choose 

The term vitamin D is kind of a misnomer because you will not find anything that is simply labelled vitamin D. Your choices will be either D2 or D3. When a supplement mentions vitamin D, the implied selection is D2. So the name can be confusing because many times, we go into the pharmacy to buy and we are surprised that there is a D2 and a D3.

D2 comes from plant sources, such as wild mushrooms, as well as fortified foods, such as milk or cereal. Its strength is usually measured in international units, which is abbreviated as “IU” on labelling. The 50,000 IU capsules are prescription only, while lower strengths are available to buy online or over-the-counter.

The source of vitamin D3 mainly comes from animals, such as fish oil, oily fish, liver, meat and egg yolks. When our skin gets excessive sun exposure, it produces D3. This is the reason it is sometimes called the sunshine vitamin. You can also take this source of foods to increase vitamin D.

So here’s what you need to know about what exactly is the difference between D2 and D3, and is one better to take over the other?

Which One is Better form? 

The difference between all D2 and D3, both of these forms are found in supplements. The  D2 is the preferred form to be used in the medical industry and therefore if you take a prescription supplement, you will be taking D2. The type of vitamin D used in supplements varies.  You need to check the labels.

We would recommend that if you are looking at a supplement, take the D3 form.  Because it is more biologically active and therefore the recommendations to take, you will not have to adjust them if you take the D3.

If you take D2 and you follow the recommendations to take vitamin D, you will need to increase your dose. Because the amount of D2 you take will not raise your plasma levels of D to the same level as if you took D3 form.

Most supplements contain D2 when we buy it from the pharmacy. But D3 tablets are considered better choice because they are generally of the best quality and research suggests these supplements increase D2 status in the body. D3 has been proven to be better absorbed and utilised by the body than D2.

However, because most D3 supplements come from animal sources, and there is little research to support whether D3 from lichen (a plant-based alternative) is actually usable in the body, vegan and vegetarian might want to take a good quality D2 supplement.

However, there are no specific health reasons someone would have to take D2 over D3. You can take them interchangeably, but always buy the supplement based on its quality and whether or not it is a reputable and best brand of vitamin D supplements.


Vitamin D Benefits for Children and Adults

1. Increases energy and mood

Low in vitamin D is probably the most common cause of tiredness, fatigue and low moods. For depression and low energy, one of the first measures should generally include an investigation of the amount of vitamin D in your blood. With enough D vitamin in the body, all the cells in the body and brain can actually work appropriately. It is always amazing how a lack of energy, motivation, and depressive dissolve within a few days of starting.

2. For healthy muscles and bones

D vitamin is extremely important for healthy muscle, teeth and bones. It is helpful to absorb calcium from the diet, increases bone mineralization, and inhibits bone loss. A severe shortage of it can lead to various joint aches and often causes back pains. It can get so extreme that the bones begin to soften and deform. It is also important for muscle tissue and fitness as it stimulates growth.

3. It helps with asthma

One should always check vitamin D if you are asthma patients. In English-speaking countries, D vitamin is widely known to be a very good treatment for asthma, which is probably due to its anti-inflammatory effect. A friend of mine, who often spent the winter in Asia and was exposed to the sun there, wondered why her asthma continuously improved out there. Since taking vitamin D, she achieved the same symptoms control in Germany as in Asia.

4. For a strong antibody

D vitamin is very important for functioning your body. People with low D vitamin usually have to deal with infections in late winter and spring. Vitamin D helps to activate white blood cells during infections. A link between the disease and the lack of D vitamin has been found in various autoimmune diseases such as Crohn’s disease or multiple sclerosis.

5. Prevent cancer

Dr Garland, a professor of preventive medicine at the San Diego School of Medicine, announced with colleagues that a global total of 600,000 cases of breast and colon cancer could be prevented by normalizing vitamin D. This has been proven in 200 human clinical trial and more than 2,500 laboratory studies. A research done by the researcher Dr William Grant, it was shown that about 30% of all cancer deaths could be avoided through ensuring sufficient D vitamin intake.

In a large placebo-controlled trial on vitamin D and cancer, this figure even rose to 60%. It was prompted by the Canadian Cancer Society to recommend vitamin D as a preventative measure. These are incredibly impressive results that clearly show the importance of vitamin D.


Top 20 Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms

vitamin d deficiency symptoms nhs



You can easily calculate it by yourself. To raise it by 1 ng/ml in a 70kg adult, you need 10,000 units of vitamin D supplements. Let’s say you have a level of 10 ng/ml and you want to reach 50 ng/ l. Then you would have to take 40 times 10,000 units, i.e. 400,000 units of vitamin D. Thus, it would be at the minimum recommended D vitamin level. If you want to reach 60 ng/ml, you will need to consume 500,000 units. Of course, if you weigh less or more, you’ll need to adjust it accordingly.

These are, of course, approximate values. This formula gives good results with a margin of error of approx. 10%. In his book, Dr Helden recommends saturating your body with D vitamin levels within just a few days. In fact, only 4-5% of people experience a bad reaction when they consume such megadoses of vitamin D within just three or five days. These effects aren’t terrible: they generally include head pressure, fatigue and indigestion.

However, these reactions can be further minimized by slightly spacing out the initial treatment doses, e.g. extending a one-week high-dose course to two weeks of lower-dose treatment. For the initial dosage, we recommend that you take the required units within ten days to two weeks. To take a total of 500,000 units, for instance, you could consume 50,000 units every day. Don’t be surprised if you feel better right away and find that your low spirits and general well-being have improved!

In the UK, NHS recommend not to exceed (4,000 IU) of vitamin D a day as it could be harmful to adults and children over five

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